Of the over two-hundred thousand papers published in the field of HIV/AIDS, all are based on the single premise that HIV is the cause of AIDS.  However, there has never been a scientific paper published demonstrating or establishing this. The following resources challenge that premise:
AIDS Reality Check
Facts and figures, news and information, a message board for dialogue with other AIDS rethinkers, and free "AIDS reality checks," personalized responses to your personal questions and concerns about HIV and AIDS from researcher Rod Knoll. Find extensive info on AIDS drugs, surprising data on condoms, reports from the US Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization global AIDS totals, and much more.
Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society
The Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society site features AZT.DOC, over 10 pages of referenced quotes on the underplayed toxicities of AZT; and HAART.DOC, a collection of referenced quotes regarding the safety and efficacy of other AIDS drugs.
Virus Myth
A constantly updated and comprehensive source for studies, international news, science journal articles, commentary and more. You can also find the biographies and collected works of many internationally known scientists who question common beliefs about HIV and AIDS.
News, views, humor and international correspondence on HIV and AIDS from a "dissident" perspective presented by AIDS investigators based in Ireland.
Professor Peter Duesberg
Dr. Peter H. Duesberg is a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He isolated the first cancer gene through his work on retroviruses in 1970, and mapped the genetic structure of these viruses (HIV is thought to be a retrovirus). This, and his subsequent work in the same field, resulted in his election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1986.
On the basis of his experience with retroviruses, Duesberg has challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis in the pages of such journals as Cancer Research, Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, Nature, Journal of AIDS, AIDS Forschung, Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapeutics, New England Journal of Medicine and Research in Immunology.
This is his official web-site.
Mothers Opposing Mandatory Medicine (MOMM)
Alternative views and information on HIV and AIDS for current and expectant mothers facing decisions about prenatal HIV screening tests, AIDS drug therapy during pregnancy, drug treatment for children, birth choices and breastfeeding.
The Perth Group
Sumeria has been publishing alternative AIDS information on > the World Wide Web continuously since 1992.
UNCOMMON QUESTIONS: A Feminist Exploration of AIDS
Rethinking AIDS in France
Health Medicine
Search service for alternative health practitioners nationwide. .
Mothering Magazine
Alternative views on HIV, AIDS and AIDS drug treatments for expectant and current mothers from the highly regarded Mothering Magazine, an advocate for children's and family's rights. Look for the article "AZT Roulette" in the September/October 1998 issue.
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