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It's a rare movie that makes you think and doesn't offer easy answers. The root of discovery is doubt, and at the very least this movie will make you question what you know about something we all fear. People should see it and debate. It's too much a part of our lives to be so misunderstood and little discussed.

Jeff Sullivan

The Other Side of AIDS validated some of the questions I've had about HIV and AIDS. My skepticism began in 1996, the year I had a "AIDS" test. Half of what I read questioned the HIV = AIDS hypothesis, and the books and information supporting the theory were inadequate or mysterious. The Other Side of AIDS has encouraged me to examine all available aspects of an argument rather than just believe everything I'm told. I am grateful for the critical thinking encouraged by this excellent film.

Scott Schwenk

I will never again look at many things the way I once did after seeing this film. Out of watching this film, I've become way more invested in seeking and finding clarity around the choices to do with my body and my well-being from within. I will continue to take council from worthy sources around me and temper that council with the wisdom of Innate Intelligence within. I look forward to seeing what Robin Scovill shows us next from deeper down the rabbit hole in this Western wonderland.

Jim Allegretti-Davis
“The Other Side of AIDS” made me see the gaps and holes being looked past by established Western medicine researchers (which is of course is passed along to the average HIV specialist and general practitioner without their even knowing that the gaps and holes are there).
I got the movie, watched it and was instantly motivated to read the book and compare my own personal statistics, (which covered over a decade) with the new perspective.  Talk about trumpets and red flags! O-H M-Y G-O-D.  It was a clear and targeted inquisition into this insight.  Thank You Mr. Duesberg!  Thank you so very much!
I have been off meds now for 7 months and I'm so much healthier.  My T-cells even went UP, not down!  As if it makes much difference.
After seeing the movie, reading the book, I still had pertinent questions that were unanswered.  Dr. Al-Bayete made some clarification of points of interest...stuff about the mechanism of HIV drugs and why they look like they work. He is available to talk to and has the best insight into this from the medical perspective.  I got referred to him by Christine, who is also available to talk to.... I rejoice at my newfound life!  Life Is Good!!!

Jim Allegretti-Davis
Hilo, Hawaii

Frank Lusardi

The late Michael Callen once commented: "HIV breeds a form of scientific nationalism; you're either for it or against it. And like America, one must apparently love it or leave the AIDS debate." It is heartening that this director found the rare courage to stand and join the debate and bring to it the skills of an accomplished filmmaker. Bravo!

Rob Levine

Really eye opening! Makes you reconsider everything you have been told about illness and the way we understand the medical establishment...

Blake Armstrong

This film was very enlightening and opened my eyes to many things that I never knew about AIDS and HIV. It allowed for the possibility of entirely new methods to deal with the accepted-as-fact theory that currently exists about AIDS. It has changed my outlook on government spending for the "AIDS crisis" as well as how I view AIDS in our society. I was deeply moved by the film.

Lucinda Clare
The Fahrenheit 911 for the AIDS Community and all who care about them. A profoundly provocative, engaging, inspiring, challenging movie that changes lives.

John Krop

Great documentary. I recommend everyone in this nation as well as the world need to have a look at it. It is may dream that the politicians, law makers, religion people, medical people including everyone positive and negatives should watch this movie. Great life changing peace of work.

Michelle C.

The doc was non sensational but provocative. It has made me question following any doctor's instructions blindly. I will always seek more information because nothing is clear cut when it comes to health.

J. Graigory

A very interesting exploration of the controversial and often taboo topic of "what if HIV isn't what actually causes AIDS?" Well produced, they really found the most intriguing experts on both sides of the debate. I think everyone who works in HIV/AIDS-related fields should see this film. Failing to consider all theories could be fatal arrogance.

John Berkson

Completely opened my eyes to an alternative way of looking at HIV/AIDS... THANK YOU!


Evocative - and thought provoking. Great springboard for discussion.


This extremely provocative film poses questions that have never been answered in 20 years by the mainstream medical community which people have a right to have answered. The filmmaker and the film's host have made a cogent argument against the use of AIDS drugs, showing their negative effects on people as well as having highlighted the dictatorial enforcement of the use of these drugs in some cases. The interview with the notable scientists who are not convinced that any of the current information on its cause or treatment is correct are riveting and not to be taken lightly. This is a film that anyone who has been affected in any way by this conundrum called AIDS must see. And unfortunately in over 20 years of this plight, that pretty much means everyone. This film has the potential to help millions of people, diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and could prove revolutionary in the future of AIDS.

Ryan James

The movie has really opened my mind to the severity of AIDS even more than before I saw the film. It has also shown me that AIDS is not a terminal disease, and may, in fact, not be one specific disease. I would highly recommend this sensitive, probing film for anyone who wants to open their hearts and minds.


I think this documentary was extremely well made. It evoked a great deal of thought.


This movie was very interesting and educational, not to mention emotional. I would recommend that as many as possible see it. In regard to AIDS, you can never have enough information.

Paul Whiting

It is so important for everyone who is affected by the "HIV paradigm" to see The Other Side of AIDS! (And who isn't?) I was already familiar with Robin and Christine's work going into the premier but was still very impressed with its impact on the big screen as well as with how the audience responded to the incredibly thought-provoking content. Go see this film! It will change your life!


Very provocative and moving!


This is the kind of documentary THEY don't want you to see. You'll start to see AIDS as a multi-national corporation instead of a disease. For all of you who have your doubts about the institutions of this world- This film is for you.


I would highly recommend this intriguing documentary. I found it to be very well done, informative and thought provoking. Definitely worthwhile!


I recommend this movie for anyone who is interested in learning more about HIV/Aids and our country's health care system. The movie definitely made me stop and think about a lot of things I'd taken for granted. The interviewees are very interesting.

K. Anderlini

As a dissident living with the impact of an "HIV+" misdiagnosis, and faced with daily ambush of mainstream media pronouncements that HIV=AIDS=Death and deadly chemotherapies "prolong life," attending a festival screening of Scovill's documentary was fresh air in a world of musty ideology. For me there is nothing to debate, only myths to challenge and science to be made public (like the test without a gold standard, the lack of isolation of HIV, and the known toxicities of AZT). The film is major step forward out of the haze of the HIV and AIDS myths. Thank you.

Robin Scovill

My friend and producer Eric Paulson urged me to come to and see what people were saying about our film. I've just read the reviews and am extremely moved. It took five long years to make this film in spite of much struggle, difficulty and disappointment along the way. Thank you for watching it with an open mind and a healthy skepticism. Beyond that, all I can say is... I hope we're talking about the same movie!

Lori Kelmar

This movie made me question beliefs I held previously to viewing. Very interesting angle.

Katja Andersson

"The Other Side of AIDS" didn’t change anything in my life, it just confirmed many things that I had known since before. It gave me relief that there are people around the world which are brilliant, highly professional and have a lot of knowledge.

It gave me more strength to start by myself to do something about this issue. I live in Sweden and I don’t know a soul in this country with the same opinions. I feel its very important that we now try to organize to make a change. It’s not easy when you are alone...

Carrie Shaw

The Other Side of Aids was an eye opening experience. I felt as if the world had been turned upside down when I left the theatre. After seeing this film I recommended it to all of my friends and family members and starting researching the AIDS dissident movement. This film has changed my life.


It really made me think. I’m not sure that I buy into the whole idea of the movie, but it's nice to hear other points of view. If you have an open mind, you should go see it. 

Daphne Georghiou

Among many other things, I gained a deeper appreciation for the pains people who are HIV+ suffer from due to the harsh biases society impinges upon them. I think this is a very important film that represents a grassroots education that needs to be in all our schools.


The film made me question our whole approach to the AIDS epidemic as well as wonder about other areas of medicine where we may be accepting the medical community's  view too quickly without understanding the research behind it.

Fascinating and informative!

Paul Burns
One of the most important films I've seen. Everyone needs to see “The Other Side of AIDS.”  It has certainly changed my mind over what has been fed to us over the past 20 years!

Thomas Brewster
I introduced dissident views to a friend of mine who was told he was positive as well.  Under the “AIDS Zone” he had shut down and shut everyone out in his life.  I was cautious to not be so “preachy” to him.  I gave him the links and even questioned his views as to what he was being told.
One day he brought me a copy of “The Other Side of AIDS” that he had ordered on his own and we watched it.  I had chills because the film hit right into the face of the AIDS Establishment and the Gay Community.
Some Gay people are in denial that we as Gay people love(ed) the fast lane or the fast lifestyle.  I see this reincarnation of poppers and drugs in the Gay clubs all over Florida! God bless Christine Maggiore and everyone that stands behind her.  Will there be a sequel?
Clearwater Florida

With assurance that the film would be appropriate for sharing with our 15-year-old son, we all viewed “The Other Side of AIDS” and were thrilled at having seen such an eye-opening and heart-rending film together.  Its message is profound, its importance can't be overstated, and we hope its impact will be far-reaching.  When our son posed a question to the director during the Q & A session after, it was clear that the film had given him a compassionate concern for the facts as well as the people. Thank you for bringing to light questions surrounding this issue in this outstanding production.
At a personal level, seeing the film prompted me to renew my efforts to share the message of the importance of the nutritional component in attaining and maintaining wellness. Glyconutritionals provide the missing link to cellular health, and seeing the brave way in which several individuals in the film took a proactive stance by listening to their bodies as they ventured away from Western medicine toward health has motivated me.  Thank you on so many levels!


”The Other Side of AIDS” gave me a clearer picture and elevated my personal biases. I thought the documentary was well done and as a layperson, helped me understand what the word “AIDS” really means. Bravo.

Dena Lynch

I cried, laughed, got angry and hollered “You tell ‘em Christine!”  I would like to see more interviews with hot heads that have no explanation for all the unanswered questions or should I say lies we have been told for so many years and that have infiltrated books, schools, TV and the internet.  Keep up the good work.  You guys are my heroes!


"The Other Side of AIDS" was amazing! The truth be told. It is a beautiful and frightening thing, but knowledge is power, and I am grateful for the gift of this documentary.


I was struck with many different aspects of the film – particularly the filmmaker's earnest attempt to include different and often opposing views of the HIV/AIDS situation. The film presented information in such a way that I was encouraged to form my own opinions. I value this quality in media, for it is almost unheard of these days. Yes, there was heart rendering personal content reinforcing a particular perspective. And the above mentioned quality of good journalism was there as well. I strongly recommend this film and look with hopeful anticipation for further projects from Mr. Scovill and his team.

Scott McGregor

Quite amazing! I was blown away with the information and how well it came across. I am now looking at HIV in a new light and searching for new information! Thank you very much.


This movie need not make a "dissident" out of you.  It need not make you question mainstream theory and arguments on HIV or its role in AIDS.  This film need not change your beliefs and opinions, whatever they may be.  Indeed, this film doesn't set out to do any of the above. 

What The Other Side of AIDS does do, however, is make viewers aware of the fact that there are "dissidents" out there.  There are those that question mainstream theory regarding HIV and AIDS.  It shows us that there are those whose beliefs and opinions dispute what we're being told about HIV and AIDS and dispute the beliefs the mainstream scientific community, public health officials, AIDS activists and media organizations have pushed upon the public for so long.  It reveals that these individuals and groups challenging the prevailing message on HIV and AIDS count among their ranks distinguished scientists and researchers, learned doctors and medical professionals, dedicated journalists and activists, and no small number of persons most affected by the phenomenon of HIV and AIDS - those diagnosed as being afflicted with either. 

It is through its making us aware that there is another side of AIDS that this film proves itself immeasurably valuable, so that we can proceed from there to seek out information, educate ourselves, and learn all there is to know about HIV and AIDS but that we, as the public, have been denied for so long.

After untold tens of billions of dollars, near countless pages of research and data, and endless hours devoted to the fight against HIV and AIDS - all of which have proven fruitless to date in curing anyone of the disease - this film and the voices it allows us to hear may be what finally save lives.


I just tested positive the beginning of July, 2005. This movie helped save my life in many, many ways. It supported my research on the subject, allowed relief for my friends and family, and backed up the views of my Naturopathic doctor which was very important for me. It also supports what I feel in my heart. That I am not sick but a very healthy young man with "good things coming my way." Thank you.


First, I send my heart-felt love to Christine and Robin.  This documentary is the most mind opening film on health awareness of anytime.  So much is revealed.  And there is so much to "rethink" if people really want to “Do something about it!”  A Tour De Force in AIDS awareness: it brings to the forefront much of what the public isn't being told.  This is the torch for reading the writing on the wall through a very dark tunnel. 


I saw your film and am thrilled.  I am sick of what is going around and how simple people are fooled and treated by "bosses" of this world.  You all are on a different level of perception and I like it.  It gives me the feeling that I am not alone.

Glen Smeaton
While I normally have a very critical mind and never take any information at face value, always evaluating data for myself before trusting the word of organizations, in the case of HIV I simply believed the media and medical world.  Although not explored in this film, I find it equally amazing that billions of dollars have been made by the drug companies, and it is their research that fuels most of the beliefs surrounding the medications.  Is nobody watching them, aware that it is in their interest to have a large proportion of the world test HIV positive and take their (expensive) medications every day for the rest of their lives?

The film gave me a lot to think about.  In all of my anatomy and pathology classes, the "fact" that HIV causes AIDS was hammered into our heads and we were told never to question that.  Now, I'm not so sure.  I hope that more members of the medical community will see this video.

Belle Starr
This movie was excellent. I saw it and was in tears.  It is a rare movie that makes you think and doesn't offer easy answers. The root of discovery is doubt, and at the very least this movie will make you question what you know about something we all fear.  People should see it and debate. It's too much a part of our lives to be so misunderstood and little discussed.  The Other Side of AIDS validated some of the questions I've had about HIV and AIDS.  My skepticism began in 1996, the year I had an "AIDS" test. I will never again look at many things the way I once did after seeing this film.


Finally a film that answers my questions more truthfully and makes 100% more sense than what I've been told in school.  Everything that we're currently being taught in school MUST be stopped because I can't take the suffering of thousands of "HIV=AIDS" sufferers anymore.  God bless there are people like you and my big sister (she showed me the DVD and introduced it to a friend of an AIDS-affected individual) who are TRUE heroes and heroines in this crazy lie-filled world.  I support you all the way!


I've already questioned the HIV/AIDS stuff before watching this movie so it wasn't some kind of revolution to me... but it is really a great movie... thanks for making it (by the way... the guy from McGill University seems to be the real psychopath).

Courtney Salamone

At my school, Southwest Acupuncture College, this semester we have an HIV/AIDS clinic which I work at one night per week.  My teacher let me borrow your documentary and my husband and I were blown away.  We were especially moved by the interviews of the mothers who were forced to give their children treatment.  The whole movie was put together well and the interviews superb.  Through working at this clinic and from the information I obtained in your film I have been considering HIV/AIDS as a possible area I may specialize in when I graduate.  Thank you for providing "the other side" for those of us with less information.  I look forward to a sequel.  What I would be curious to see is how those who are HIV positive are being treated with alternative medicine.  We are having amazing results in our student clinic here in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM.  Bravo to you Robin and your most amazing wife.

Alistair Bernard

Ever since I saw this movie I have not stopped telling everyone I know about this film...knowledge is power...information is the key...


Well done Robin!!! Keep pushing the truth out there!!!


It completely changed my outlook and everything I knew about people with AIDS.


I’m absolutely shocked and in tears. I thought I was educated until I saw this movie! The evidence is clear. I am a Christian and I don’t test for HIV so I thought this film wasn’t for me....boy was I wrong!! PLEASE EVERYBODY SEE THIS FILM!!!!!

Alex Weiner

"The only thing you have to fear is fear itself." How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Excellent film, Robin.

Jenny B

This film is thought provoking. It has made me question the current "facts" on HIV and AIDS and made me want to learn more. A must see for all!


I am touched. I would like to wholeheartedly thank Mr. Scovill for his efforts to make such a documentary which is an eye-opener even for the proponents of the so called HIV=AIDS=DEATH.

Berthelet Bruno

This documentary is an "absolute must see."  It brings numerous responses to the obscure notions of this fraudulent epidemic.  It informs on different points of view regarding the relationship between HIV and AIDS.

Larry McElhinney

Can we give this film 10 stars?  This is absolutely one of the best movies ever made both in terms of its impact potential and its riveting almost hypnotic hold on the viewer.  I've handed it out to friends to get the message out.


A really valuable documentary because it doesn't manipulate. It only tries to make you think critically and to decide for yourself. I think that's the message. Science is made through questions, not by dogmas.

Touc H.

This movie greatly informed me about the real facts or truths about the"HIV or AIDS" virus that supposedly affects so many people. I love this movie!!


My name is Marianna from Poland.  I am 29 years old and a methadone user.  I first took heroin when I was 13 years old and have been HIV positive for 5 years now.  Your film opened my eyes to some issues.  The film convinced me that there is something wrong with the whole HIV/AIDS thing! I started a methadone users association 2.5 years ago and am trying to tell every positive person that ARV meds are not the only way to deal with HIV.  I stopped taking ARV medication which I was taking for 3 months.  I have now been off meds for 10 months and I feel great (much better then when on them).  Now, I check two times every treatment the doctors are offering me whether it's HCV, HIV or a cold!

Igor Fagundes

It's a great documentary, very well made. Some of my friends are quite shocked with this HIV/AIDS theory. I really support the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis Group and think that the scientific method unfortunately is very influenced by the power of drug organizations and governments as well.
Richard Martinez

This is a hope for everyone.

Sarah Bee
I have done HIV/AIDS work for 7 years. I recently quit the public health field and have since watched this film as well as others. I am grateful for my tenacious partner Thomas who's intuition has led him to unveil many truths in a world full of lies.  He asked me to watch this and then he asked me again and again as my resistance was powerful. I am not your average social worker. I dug deep into my work never knowing that the ground was illusory. 

I know amazing people with good hearts who are practicing misinformed medicine. I know countless clients who died of liver and kidney failure. I know countless people who are depressed, suicidal and dying because they believe they have no other choice.  Those same people are being prescribed buckets of mental health meds that will only further damage their livers. I have examined the AIDS epidemic in the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, and Zimbabwe. People are climbing aboard a crowded train to their own death. And I encouraged some of those people to test, to take meds, and to prepare their families for their possible death.  Needless to say, this film made me weep and now it has asked me to act.

I don't know the answers nor do I pretend to understand the details of the science, but I know something is amiss when to ask the question evokes professional suicide. I leave this comment so that we know we are not alone.


I never thought this film would be such a huge eye opener for me. I not only think the general public but especially health practitioners and medicine students should watch it. Thumbs up! Keep up the good work!

SA Sarnoff

This film should be on Nova or The History Channel. It takes a very demanding subject and frames it in a way that is compelling, powerful and actually trusts and respects the audience enough to allow them to interpret the information and make up their own minds.

The HIV movement approximates religious fervor in the inability to ingest outside or new information and the film captures the intense zeal of scientific profiteers, do-gooders, Pharma and the plight of desperate medical patients given a misdiagnosis by uninformed doctors who cannot escape the effects of HIV rhetoric.

The film illuminates our common fears, and sheds light on something lost...common sense. It brings home how the AIDS hoax is a perfect match for a country whose citizens continue to accept convenient fairy tales from their leaders about weapons of mass destruction. AIDS is an identical scenario. The Medical Industrial Complex and the Military Industrial Complex have played out these transparent strategies for centuries:

No WMD = No Money No HIV = No Money No Fear = No Money

"The Other Side of AIDS" has exposed a huge cache of WMD but they are not hidden in some cave in Iraq. In fact they are in plain sight...they are called HIV tests and anti-retrovirals and are proudly given to people who cannot be shown to suffer from a pathogenic viral infection of HIV! 5 Stars (I'd give it 6 if I could!).


This film confirmed my suspicions about the drugs used to treat HIV. Excellent film.

Alexander Galit

It's about time to spread consciousness and sanity to the world. This documentary film does exactly that! You owe it to the world and to your grandchildren to watch this film.

Jeffrey Allen Miller

You guys accomplished something today that I didn't think possible. You held my attention for 1:26hrs on a streaming doc through Google. I've not been one to buy into any corporate agenda, and HIV certainly fits that bill. So yes, I wanted to hear your side. I've lost two cousins to AIDS and still wonder why. The drugs destroyed their bodies well before death -- I knew it, you just proved it.

Thank you. I hope this film encourages important discussions on treatments and causes for years to come. We need this dialog without the input from corporate stakeholders and their shareholders.


I tested HIV+ in 1993. In April 2007 I finally got a high speed internet connection and subsequently found "The Other Side of AIDS" recently posted at Google video. After watching the film I was in shock. I then proceeded to confirm the credentials of the doctors and scientists in the film for authenticity. They were all legitimate and everything presented was factual. I have since watched the film seven more times just to convince myself that it is all true and deprogram myself from what I had believed for 14 years. Now I will go on with life forever changed.


Having tested HIV-indeterminate, this movie (along with has turned a potentially devastating life event into something more hopeful. You guys really are heroes in my book and I am forwarding your movie to everyone I know. Thank you for your bravery and passion in RE-educating the public and saving people's lives!

Joe S.

I was not looking for this movie, I found it on the internet and could not believe what I had found. My wife had been on the cocktail for 11 years, diagnosed 6 years after our marriage. We never questioned it before, ever! This movie made a HUGE impact on our life and will be changed forever because of it. My wife is now off the harmful drugs and is currently on a detox program to rid her body of the many years of these harmful drugs. My thanks to all of you AIDS Rethinkers. Don't grow weary yet, I don't think this battle has even began, most mainstream folks have never even heard of this debate.


Ok. So I tested positive for HIV in 1985 while attempting to join the military. I was told there was no treatment at that time, and that I should continue living my life as normal, except that I should try to take care of myself and if I got any kind of illness to be sure to monitor it closely and seek medical help if I felt it necessary.

I was not given a "death sentence" by the doctors, but I was refused entry into military service and pretty much left with what felt like a ticking time-bomb inside me. So, basically I went into denial, at least as much as possible, considering all the media and horror stories I endured for the next 10 years. Then lo-and-behold, as if this "time-bomb" were following precise orders, I came down with PCP (pneumonia) (after some serious depression and extreme anxiety which I believe may have had "just a little" to do with my illness).

That's when I was finally "re-diagnosed", if you will; and began drug therapy. I honestly can't remember every drug I've taken, but I do know that AZT, D4T, 3TC, Zerit, etc. were some of the first drugs I took. My T-cell count was around 10 at the time. After several months I was diagnosed with CMV of the retina, so I immediately received a catheter which went directly into the subclavical artery into my heart, through which very powerful, new, chemo-type drugs such as Gancyclovir and some I don't remember the names of, (they were still "experimental") were administered every two weeks, for several months, during which time I also had to receive blood transfusions every month for 12 months. These toxic drugs were eventually discontinued because of their side effects. I lost most of the vision in my right eye and had to undergo a vitrectomy in that eye.

Then came the Protease Inhibitors, the new "miracle" drugs that were going to save us all. When my ID doctor prescribed them to me she said, "now this new drug is going to change everything and you are going to feel like a new person" and to my shock and surprise, she was right. I had so much energy and felt so good after just 3, yes (three), days of taking them I was literally bouncing off the much that I couldn't sleep and almost had a nervous breakdown. How could she have been so sure of how well this new drug could work? Or could it be less an effect of the new drug, and more of the fact that I wasn't taking the other drugs anymore?

Anyway, all I know is that here it is 22 years later, (and I am almost certain I was infected by a partner in 1983, after experiencing the "flu like" symptoms following my first MSM experiences),so somewhere between 22 and 24 years, I'm still here and doing remarkably well, considering the numerous medicines and treatments I've endured.

This film does raise many, many questions and boldly presents much information of which I was not previously aware. Could most of my problems have been due to side effects of the medicines? I'm sure quite a few were. Would I be better off if I'd never taken the medicines? Will the long term effects of the medicines eventually claim my life? Or will it be the so-called virus, which I was led to believe I had? Did I test "positive" because I have always been sensitive to anything that my body sees as an "invader"? As a child I was allergic to milk, wool and God knows what else. Growing up and to this day, I suffer from seasonal allergies, sometimes debilitating. My parents were even told that I should never have another small-pox vaccination, because it could possibly kill me, after having the vaccine as a child, who by the way was born in, and spent 8 of my first 14 years of life in Europe.

Could it be that my immune system is so sensitive that most anything might cause a reaction? I even suffer from allergies to raw fruits and vegetables, perfumes, dust, cats, dogs you name it, I'm like a walking allergen receptor.

All I can say though, is that even if HIV does cause AIDS, is there really proof? And can the treatments be as bad or worse than the disease itself? That is what this film addresses and asks, and I think that is a great thing and from my 20 plus years of experience. I really can relate to the questions that are raised and ask questions myself.

I believe there is no "exact" science, just as there are no perfect human beings, so things must be questioned and if there are so-called facts, then why hesitate to present them?


Every person in the healthcare field should see this. Everyone who ever had an "AIDS-talk" in school deserves to see this. Anyone who thinks they know anything about AIDS must see this. And it is every person's right who has ever been "diagnosed" HIV+ to see this film and make informed decisions about their future.

Mugabi Simon

You can't remain the same after watching this film. This documentary has made me look at everything I come across from many angles before believing in the truth behind it. The Other Side of AIDS has encouraged me to tell everyone in my village any new facts about HIV & AIDS. Had it not been for this film, I would have died in ignorance.

Travis Rumple

This movie has really affected my life; all the lies and science related so called facts of HIV and AIDS; but it is really just a hypothesis. Thank you very much, continue the work.


Let us not forget that "HIV" is a THEORY! It can't be proven and like evolution, there are TWO sides to every story, one should look at BOTH sides then make a decision. This movie helped saved my life since I was told I had "HIV". I'm in good health--knowledge is power. Thank you Robin for sharing the knowledge, let's continue to make noise and rock the AIDS industry and expose their lies!


The movie just further convinces me that there is another side of the AIDS story. It is so scary to think that so many people, especially big pharma, can get away with harming so many people knowingly. The morality of these people are appalling and disturbing. Yes, the money machine has a mind of its own, but to think these people are part of the human race is very sad!


The film changed my understanding about what is called "AIDS." Although I am a microbiologist and I ought to have a scientific knowledge about the subject, I realized that the "knowledge" I have is fabricated. I now question everything I have learned in the previous years.


OMG - you have done a fantastic job presenting this information, coming across so damn sane & considered. I am simply stunned & will spread this film & your web sites as much as I can. Bless you guys, a job thoroughly well done!


Really good film. It is important to signalise the problem, all the unanswered questions. There should always be an opportunity to look for new, different ways of resolving problematic issues. I will do more research on that case.
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