What People Are Saying about The Other Side of AIDS
“A riveting and accomplished counterpoint to what we’ve been fed by the mainstream media.”
Marc Forster
Director, Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland
“An extraordinary film that lays bare the many unquestioned assumptions about HIV and AIDS. It will help people make informed decisions about their own lives and the lives of those they love.”
Derrick Jensen
Author , A Language Older Than Words; The Culture of Make Believe
“Effectively and eloquently raises reasonable doubts about the medical establishment’s view of HIV and AIDS. The debate this film opens is long overdue.”
Dr Richard De Andrea, MD, ND
Medical Advisor, Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine
“Anyone who isn't skeptical of the pharmaceutical industry's motives regarding the treatment of AIDS needs to take a long look at the harrowing stories and suppressed science that Robin Scovill has poignantly pieced together in The Other Side of AIDS.”
Susan Gerhard,
Editor, San Francisco Bay Guardian
Contributing writer, POZ Magazine
“Controversial and fascinating insight into health, disease, and pharmaceutical
agendas, this film is art, information, and insight all wrapped up in one stunning presentation."
David Wolfe
CEO, RawFood.com
Founder, The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
“A fascinating look at accepted views about HIV and AIDS that will make any open-minded person want to know more.”
David Bernknopf
Former Director of News Planning, CNN

“An informative, insightful, and engaging film that’s a must-see for anyone open to alternative points of view.”
David Bushell
Producer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sling Blade

“This film bravely reveals that the real tragedy of AIDS is our reluctance to address outstanding questions, and that our greatest hope lies in our ability to accept open, honest answers.”
Esai Morales
Actor, NYPD Blue; American Family
"I cried when I watched this film. Families are disrupted and people are terrified all in the name of false science. Show it to everyone you know. Throw it from the rooftops. Stop the madness."
Peggy O' Mara
Editor and Publisher, Mothering Magazine
“Well documented and researched, this documentary is a must for those who want to be guided toward the truth about AIDS.”
Burton Goldberg
Publisher, Alternative Medicine Magazine

“The views presented in this film deserve a place in the public dialogue and the attention of everyone who wishes to understand and resolve AIDS.”
Leland P. Stewart, BSE, STB
Founder, Unity and Diversity Council

“A highly professional film which challenges the relationship between HIV and AIDS, and combats the increasingly monolithic, institutionalized, and often profit-driven modern medical practice.”
Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, MD
Author, The Politics of Cancer
Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago
School of Public Health

“In the absence of an agreed upon ‘answer’ to HIV/AIDS, this film bravely initiates a vital discussion that must take place if we as a community are to heal and grow.”
Robert Gant
Actor, “Queer As Folk”